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Your position:

The spirit of service:

The first time to solve the problem


Based on all over the country's agents and offices,SJH found a sound after-sales service network. with adequate after-sales service vehicles,the establishment of service engineers team,hotline,computer EPR information management system,the company's development,production and sales Aan other departments to give priority to meet service needs,so as to ensure that the first time to solve the user's problems,provide a sound service system.The international service system is under construction

Service Mission:

To create value for customers!


Service personnel with comprehensive service capabilities, through our services to guide users to master the use, maintenance, construction, maintenance and so on, so as to provide protection for the user's work, resulting in benefits and value.

Service slogan:

Select SJH, service first!


So that the perfect service to accompany the user's always, with high-quality products and good services to meet customer needs.

Logistics service:

Cargo tracking


Excellent service will be provided to remind each link in the whole process from the sea booking, shipping to the arrival of the products. The latest dynamic state can also be searched on our website yourselves.

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